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What is Hanging on Your Walls?


Have you ever really looked at the artwork that is hanging on your walls in your home or office? Take a few moments this weekend to look a little deeper. You might find that there is a woman with her back towards you walking away, or someone with a very sad or stressed look on their face. Even the colors within the artwork we choose will have an effect on us.
You walk past these art pieces every day and are so used to seeing them there that you don’t think you notice them. You do. You would be surprised once you look a little deeper what is really going on around you in the art on your walls.

Consider what your artwork is saying to you and what it is saying to others that walk in your home or office. Be sure you get a wonderful feeling from what is seen as well as the unseen. The unseen are the feelings you get from knowing where the art came from, who gave it to you and what the circumstances were surrounding it. You may feel wonderful feelings from the unseen while others who know nothing about it are seeing quite a different picture.

I hope this tip is helpful to you or someone you know. If you would like more information on moving forward with your goals through your environment, or know of anyone who might benefit from my services as an organizing and Feng Shui consultant, feel free to call me or pass along my name and number.

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