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Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a technique used to clear the negative or heavy energy from a space, restoring it to its natural state.
There are many different types of space clearing, and different ways to do it.

Space Clearing within a consciousness…
When someone works on themselves through various techniques they are clearing space within their consciousness from indoctrinations that limit them in one form or another. A person might feel lighter after integrating something that has been there for a long time that’s not really them, leaving empty space or free attention for something else to form.
This form of space clearing clears the way for new creativity and creates opportunities for avenues in life to widen or turn in another direction.

Space Clearing within a building…
Homes and offices retain energy as emotions, conversations and events are experienced within their walls. Just as we feel the events when they are taking place within us, that energy is retained in the walls and structure of the building. Through space clearing that energy is cleared leaving an opening for new life and opportunities to flow in.

Why would I need a Space Clearing?
Selling: Space clearing can be used to clear any confusion or heaviness that is lingering in a home or office. This allows the interested party to make decisions easily and feel themselves occupying the space.

New Home: When moving into a new home that has just been built, the earth under and around the home will have been disturbed. A space clearing can help the house settle into the land and help the land heal from the disturbance.

Moving to a new space for you: A space clearing is very beneficial for someone moving into a place that has been previously occupied. It can take up to 6 months to acclimate to a new home and to sleep well. Removing other people’s energy from the space will allow that time to shorten. Being in your own home and smelling smells that don’t smell like you can be disconcerting.

Relationships: If you have just ended a relationship with someone or had a big argument, space clearing can help clear the emotions out of the space and give you a fresh space to create a healthier relationship.

Death: If someone has passed away that was living in the home, space clearing will help the transition of the person that has just passed and help the living move forward into the next segment of life.

How much does it cost?
A Space Clearing can take up to 2 hours and is $195.00. If you have a large space to clear, please call me for a quote.