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Keeping the Momentum


If your life feels stagnant and you don’t feel as though you are moving forward with your goals and dreams, you might take a look around you at your space and the things in it. Your things could be holding you back from getting to where you want to be in life because everything in your space holds energy whether it is positive or negative. For example, When you have an unfinished project that has been left sitting out, the creative energy you had when you started the project is lost and the project itself loses momentum.

When working on a project that cannot be finished the same day, be sure to put everything away that you can instead of leaving it all out. This will keep your space organized and avoid creative projects from becoming stagnant.

I hope this tip is helpful to you or someone you know. If you would like more information on moving forward with your goals through your environment, or know of anyone who might benefit from my services as an organizing and Feng Shui consultant, feel free to call me or pass along my name and number.

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