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Finish the Job!


Get in the habit of finishing the job. A lot of my clients ask me…”Once we have organized this room, how am I going to maintain the organization?” Get in the habit of finishing the job.

A lot of us think that cooking the meal is the task and then we go off and do our thing. But cooking the meal also involves unloading the dishwasher if it is full, cooking the meal, putting the food away and then reloading the dishwasher with the dirty dishes. That is the whole job. If we do part of the job, then the rest of the job has to be done later which is exactly how we become overwhelmed with our environments.

When you bring in the mail…The whole job is to bring the mail in, open it, sift through it, decipher what goes and what stays, and then put the bills where they will be paid etc.

Begin looking at what the whole job entails. You might find that most of the time you are not finishing the whole job and those are the piles that are sitting around your home or office.

Out of self-discipline comes order, and out of order comes peace and harmony.
Don’t underestimate the power of peace and harmony.

I hope this tip is helpful to you or someone you know. If you would like more information on moving forward with your goals through your environment, or know of anyone who might benefit from my services as an organizing and Feng Shui consultant, feel free to call me or pass along my name and number.

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