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Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the study of how to arrange your environment to enhance the flow of energy in your life. It is based on an ancient Chinese system that recognizes that everything in our environment is alive – the buildings we live in, the landscape, and even our furnishings are interconnected in a dynamic relationship that affects everything we experience.

With the use of Feng Shui tools and insights, I can better align your
environment to support your goals and personality.

What services do you provide?
What is your experience?
Why would I need a Feng Shui consultation?
What should I expect during the consultation?
How much time does it take?
How much does it cost?
Will I need to buy new furniture and decorations?

What services do you provide?
The Feng Shui services I provide include:

  • Feng Shui consultations for homes and small businesses – in-depth
    evaluations with doable recommendations for improvement.
  • Feng Shui for new or remodeled homes and offices. A great opportunity
    for a fresh start!
  • Feng Shui to increase the value of your home on the real estate market.
  • NEW: Feng Shui implementations — I can help
    you implement the Feng Shui recommendations that will make a difference
    in your life.

I thoroughly evaluate your home or business and surrounding areas paying
special attention to elements that influence the areas of your life that
you’d like to heal or improve.

What is your experience?

Although I have studied many different schools of Feng shui, Essential Feng Shui which falls under the Form School, Black Sect Tibetan Buddism Feng Shui, and Compass School including Flying Stars are the schools I practice and find most helpful.

I studied Essential Feng shui in San Diego, California at the Western
School of Feng Shui under Terah Kathryn Collins.  Essential Feng Shui honors
Feng Shui’s Eastern heritage while focusing on its many practical
applications in our busy, modern lives.

I also studied Black Sect Tibetan Buddhism (BTB) Feng Shui at Feng Shui
Designs, Inc under James Jay.  BTB honors the ritual side of Feng Shui
which includes in depth space clearings, focused intentions and anchoring
those intentions through your environment.

I studied Compass School in San Diego at the Western School of Feng Shui under Elliott Jay Tanzer.  Compass School considers the best directions for the occupants of a home or building based on the birthdays of the individuals.

I have been helping others with Feng Shui since 1999, and am
passionate about the difference Feng Shui can make in your life.

I give regular talks, lectures, and workshops on Feng Shui and Organizing.
Some of the most recent include:

  • Denver University, College of Law
  • Various parent groups
  • Metabolic Research Center
  • The Metaphysical Bookstore

Why would I need a Feng Shui consultation?
Problems we are having in areas of our lives such as relationships, health,
money, feeling stuck, and creativity blocks manifest themselves in our
environments. A Feng Shui consultation can help you remove the
obstacles in your environment clearing the path to greater happiness and
Feng Shui is also useful when you are moving to a new
location to start off on the right foot or selling your home to increase
its value on the real estate market.

What should I expect during the consultation?
The consultation is an exchange of ideas and information. As we walk through
your home or business together, I will provide Feng Shui recommendations
that support the areas of your life or business that you would like to
improve. I consider the following when making recommendations:

  • The placement of furnishings and decorations.
  • The balancing of colors and shapes throughout your home or office
    through the five elements – (wood, fire, earth, metal and water).
  • The nine different zones within a structure that correspond to the
    major areas of life, known as the Bagua Map.
  • Architectural and geographical lines and details that can affect
    energy flow.

You will receive a folder that contains Feng Shui tools for your
ongoing personal use and a Feng Shui report via email.

How much time does it take?
A Feng Shui consultation usually takes 2 hours unless it is a larger home.

How much does it cost?
The cost for a Feng Shui consultation is $450.00 for 2 hours. You will receive an in-depth report of Feng Shui suggestions for your home.

Will I need to buy new furniture and decorations?
I always work with what you have first. I may also suggest items you can
purchase to enhance the functionality of the space. The more personal
items you have on hand to work with, the better.

I can also help you implement Feng Shui recommendations whether it’s
rearranging furniture, picking out new paint colors, or adding Feng Shui
accessories to your home or office.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at 303.587.5773

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