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Environment is a Reflection of Mind


Your environment is a reflection of your mind but your mind is not a reflection of your environment.

Sometimes we are extremely orderly in our environment but our minds are still cluttered. They are cluttered with procrastination, avoidance and lack of awareness.

We can have order in our environment and be obsessed with it. When we become obsessed with our environment and the cleanliness or neatness of it, it usually means we are avoiding doing something without necessarily being conscious of it. When that happens, we are cluttering our minds.

Feng Shui brings the seen world (our homes and offices) together with the unseen world (our thoughts, dreams, goals and aspirations). Organizing does the same thing.
We have to look at both worlds and make sure they are in balance.

If your environment is spotless and you still feel overwhelmed maybe you’re to do list (either in your mind or on paper) is too long. If you have a long list of “to dos” that you have been avoiding for a long time, it may be time to be honest with yourself and really ask “am I ever going to do this?” Once you have eliminated some of those things you have been avoiding, you will then begin to find balance of both the seen and the unseen worlds.

I hope this tip is helpful to you or someone you know. If you would like more information on moving forward with your goals through your environment, or know of anyone who might benefit from my services as an organizing and Feng Shui consultant, feel free to call me or pass along my name and number.

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