Awakened Home Feng Shui Consluting

Before – After Photos

The piles and boxes in Kristin’s office created a stagnant, frustrating
energy. We created a filing system customized for her lifestyle and
the energy was lifted.

Cheryl’s closet was the dumping ground for unfinished project that
she needed to weed through to get to her clothes. We found new homes for
the projects and cleared out the left side of her closet so she can stand
back and look at her clothes on the right side.

Jen was overwhelmed by the amount of office supplies her business required.
After finding a cabinet for them and purging the things that weren’t needed,
Jen found that her space was much easier to manage.

Laurie was frustrated because the room she wanted to use as an office
became overwhelmingly cluttered during her move. Once we moved through
the clutter she was able to set up her office as she had originally dreamed.

Jane, who is a Mary Kay consultant, felt that her chaotic office was hindering
her ability to reach business goals. We devised a more efficient and empowering configuration for her office and organized her numerous products in the room’s closet.