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Moving forward in time

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Every time you put something off that you could do now, you are moving it forward in time. It isn’t going away, it’s just moving forward in time.

You can move forward in time by getting things done right away. When the project is completed you move forward. When the project is hanging over your head the project moves forward to another time when you feel like doing it, but it is still there. When you have a lot of projects moving forward with you, life can feel exhausting.

Give yourself the time to get those things done that hang on you like bricks keeping you stuck in one place. If you have a lot of projects that are moving forward take just one of them and begin doing something on that project every day until it is complete, then begin the next one.

If it feels like everything needs to be done at once, choose three projects you would like to complete and take a small step for each one of them every day until you bring them to completion.

Watch what happens to your attention span, watch what happens to your energy, watch what happens to your smile, feel what happens to you!

If you or someone you know would like more information or help in moving forward with your goals through your environment, please feel free to contact me or pass along my details.

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What is happening in your consciousness?

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The awesome thing about being the creator of your own universe is that when you are experiencing something but are not sure what it is, you can usually see your consciousness in the physical form in your environment and see a piece of what is causing you discomfort.

I have been experiencing some distance in my relationships with friends. I was not sure exactly what was happening but I was willing to take a look and see what was there. I started looking at the relationship area of my yard. I have a pergola that is made of wood and lattice there. I have had it covered for quite some time with a very large tarp.

When I looked a little closer I asked myself “why do you have the tarp covering the pergola?…The answer was “to protect the pergola from the elements”. Then I asked myself what are you protecting in regards to your relationships with others. It turns out I was protecting “not being perfect”.

When I was with my friends I was feeling the effects of protecting that part of me and was not allowing myself to get close to anyone. I had all sorts of ways of keeping myself at a distance. This may seem a little out there, until you start looking at your own environment and begin having realizations about your life. When you can feel it in your own life it really does not matter what it sounds like intellectually. You get it on a different level and it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

What are you experiencing in your life that you would like to change? Take a look in your environment and see what is there. You might be surprised at your findings! I sure would not have found that answer by thinking through it. It came from feeling it.

Needless to say…I took the tarp off of my pergola and repaired the lattice work that was broken.

We’ll see what happens!